Rihanna’s Hair Evolution – Each of Rihanna’s Technicolor Hair Styles

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If there’s one hair style Rihanna hasn’t totally rocked, then frankly we haven’t witnessed it yet. Whether RiRi is working out a super chic sleek black bob, waist-deep scarlet braids, or Tina Turner is all over us with dark roots and blonde curls, there’s no look this chameleon of hair doesn’t. could not withdraw.

Soft bohemian bangs? Ri did. A jet black mule? Door. Retro auburn bob with crown? I was there, I did that. Frankly, there isn’t one hairstyle that Rihanna doesn’t look completely amazing with. That’s why we’ve gathered each of her epic hair transformations in one place so you can walk through her hair story at your leisure.

Did anyone say “new haircut inspiration”?

Check out all of Rihanna’s hair evolution and each of her epic hair colors and hair styles here.

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Rihanna with soft bangs

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Rihanna with a super short pixie cut

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Rihanna with long black hair parted

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Rihanna with long black braids

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Rihanna with a messy beehive bun

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Rihanna with stylish side swept waves

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Rihanna with shoulder-length blunt cut hair

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Rihanna with long slicked back hair

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Rihanna with a top knot in the back

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Rihanna Working Extra Long Brushed Out Curls

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Rihanna with a high ponytail

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Rihanna with long tousled braids

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Rihanna works a sleek bob

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Rihanna Working Center Parted And Wavy Hair

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Rihanna goes elegant and chic in Cannes

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Rihanna wears fake bangs and top knot at the 2017 Met Gala

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Rihanna dons a beret and ponytail at Dior

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A look back at Rihanna’s long auburn hair

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Rihanna opts for a square straight in the center

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Rihanna wearing a high textured ponytail

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Rihanna Goes For A Curly Top Knot

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Rihanna goes short, red and flies off to the Met Gala

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Rihanna Works Slick Sides, Messy Bangs and Top Knot

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It’s Natural Hair And Lipstick For Rihanna

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Rihanna Goes For A Curly Ombre In The Center

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Rihanna goes copper blonde but we love her

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Rihanna works a leprechaun crop

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Rihanna Goes For Dark Roots And Long Blonde Lengths

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Rihanna Working Tina Turner-Esque Blonde Hair

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