Seoulista Beauty is launching two shiny new hair treatment masks.

Multi-award-winning beauty brand Seoulista Beauty has added two new haircare products to its pro-approved range: Seoulista Curly Locks for replenished, defined and hydrated curls, and Seoulista Blondi Locks to strengthen, condition and illuminate blonde hair. The new treatments join Seoulista Glossy Locks for dry, damaged hair and Seoulista Silky Locks, the innovative smoothing wrap to combat frizz caused by friction.

Seoulista curly curls (recommended retail price €12)

Curly Locks is a hair treatment mask designed to strengthen, hydrate and revitalize curly hair in just 15 minutes. Packed with hard-working ingredients, Seoulista Curly Locks is infused with 35ml of intensive serum and contains Protoplex, a concentrated complex of nourishing proteins that helps revive damaged curls by strengthening curl structure for more defined curls that retain their natural form.

Infusing skincare science into hair care, intensely hydrating hyaluronic acid molecules work to replenish the hair fiber from deep within. The smaller molecules penetrate the hair shaft to repair breakage, while the larger molecules seal in surface moisture to smooth and detangle unruly strands and restore manageability to frizzy, dehydrated curls.

Nourishing cetearyl and stearyl alcohols help hydrate and glide curly hair, while conditioning argan oil and shea butter help add volume and bounce to dull curls. The drip-free formulation is free of sulfates and silicones and leaves curly hair strengthened, hydrated and defined with noticeable softness.

How it works?

The cap traps heat from the head to help infuse the ingredients into the hair follicle. The serum’s formulation is lighter than other treatments, so it absorbs into the hair follicle faster, going to work to help replenish dehydrated curls. Use with Seoulista Silky Locks Hair Wrap for the Seoulista Curly Girl System™ Complete System for beautiful, bouncy curls.

Seoulista Blondi locks (RRP €12)

Seoulista Blondi Locks is a treatment hair mask designed to strengthen, revitalize and illuminate blonde hair, while caring for the scalp, all in just 15 minutes. The mask is infused with 35ml of intensive serum and contains Illumoplex, a unique complex of shine-enhancing actives.

This concentrated blend of antioxidants works to refresh and brighten blonde hair. By integrating skin science into hair care, high concentrations of multi-dimensional, intensely hydrating hyaluronic acid molecules (from 7 types of hyaluronic acid) work to repair the hair fiber from deep within, while smaller molecules penetrate deep into the hair shaft to reduce breakage, larger molecules seal in moisture to the surface for visible luminosity and shine.

Nourishing Camellia Oil, Argan Oil and Shea Butter help condition and strengthen hair while improving elasticity. Scalp-caring centella asiatica, rosemary and chamomile help reduce inflammation, while lemon extract cleanses at the root to promote healthy hair growth. UV agents protect hair from environmental aggressors to maintain hair’s moisture levels.

How it works?

The cap traps head heat to help infuse illuminating and hydrating ingredients into the hair follicle. The serum formulation is lighter than other treatments, so it penetrates the hair follicle faster and helps revive dull, damaged blonde hair.

How to use the Seoulista Beauty hair care range?

Shampoo and follow with the Seoulista Silky Locks Hair Wrap to remove excess water before placing the mask on your head. Make sure all your hair is inside and seal it with the sticker. Massage the hair through the mask to ensure an even distribution of the product and to stimulate the scalp at the root. Leave on for 15 minutes before removing the mask, then rinse and style as usual.

Seoulista Curly Locks and Seoulista Blondi Locks are cruelty-free and have been formulated to be vegan and free of sulfates, minerals, parabens and artificial colors.

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David R. Brewer