Seven-year-old entrepreneur to launch new Lily Frilly hair accessories at Walmart

Lily Adeleye is only 7 years old and is already launching her second line of hair accessories at Walmart.

The latest additions to Lily Frilly line “features a range of bows and hair accessories for girls of all ages and serves as an ambitious charge for little girls everywhere to reach for the stars.”

Lily is the daughter of Courtney Adeleye, CEO and founder of Olbali.

Lily Frilly said the partnership with Walmart is “a testament to the fact that little girls don’t have to wait until they’re ‘all grown up’ to start setting and achieving goals. The Lily Frilly brand aims to help girls take the initiative to inspire those around them. Lily is an example to young girls that if she can do it, so can they.

The new line will include four large bows, two pairs of mini bows and hair clips.

“Lily Frilly products are all affordably priced, come in different shapes and sizes, come in bright colors and have fun names like Hoo’s Cute & Fun Fruity Friends, Mini Party & Mini Melon Bows, Purple Glimmer Bow and Electric Dazzle Bow, and fan-favorite Confetti Fruit Clips.”

Lily Frilly Products at Walmart now include:

Lily Frilly will soon launch new products at Walmart, including four large bows, two pairs of mini bows and hair clips.Lily Frilly

David R. Brewer