Shark Tank India Hair Extensions Platform Gets Funding: Owner Details

Shark Tank India Hair Extensions Platform Secures Funding: Owner Details: We all know the most popular reality show Shark Tank, which premiered on Sony TV. The concept of the show is to present a forum of potential investors, called “sharks”, who must listen to the arguments of entrepreneurs and their ideas for a company or a product that they are eager to develop. So here we are going to tell you that they finally invested in one of the companies regarding hair. Stay tuned to the article and learn about the new business plan. Follow more updates at

Shark Tank India Hair Extensions

There is a hair extension platform which finally received funding from Shark Tank Indian. The name of the platform is Hair Originals. Hair Originals is founded by IITian Jitender Sharma, he is super lucky to have funding for reality show Shark Tank India. So the platforms have given 60L funding to the platform which will help the founder to structure his business in his own way and according to the plan he shows at the Shark Tank.

There are three Sharkex included in this and here are the names Ansheer Grover, is the co-founder of BharatPe, Anupam Mittal the founder and CEO of a group of people, and Peysuh Bansal who is the founder and CEO of There were five Sharks who showed interest in this Jitender business plan. And this is how they prepare to accept his plans.

Shark Tank India Hair Extensions: What product does Hair Originals deal in?

Hair Originals, the business is in hair extensions and wigs that are made from ethically sourced acquisitions. It is real human hair that has been made into wigs. Thye will analyze clients’ problem first, after which they will suggest the hair extensions based on the areas of their head that need more hair volume. They have diamond quality hair extension. And they recently attended an international event, the World Hair Congress in France.

It was first launched in 2019 and it is a B2B platform, but everything is ready to go on the D2C Direct to Customers. They will now allow consumers to buy quality products by cutting out the middleman, which will result in lower costs. Hair Originals is now focused on its growth and market presence for which it is closing a pre-seed cycle and a pre-Series A cycle.

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