Silver hair extensions are in high demand for all ages

Some women decide to give up dyeing for various reasons. While historically there has been pressure on women to look alike or somehow better as they got older, the tide began to turn. Silver hair is officially in, and honestly, it’s been slowly happening for years.

Lady Gaga has been leading the gray hair charge since 2010. However, pandemic shutdowns have also affected women’s hairstyles. While salons have been closed for months, some women have decided to embrace their natural hair color and forgo the coloring process altogether, even after salons reopen.

The transition to gray hair can take some time, but extensions can make the process easier. Celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker and Tracee Ellis Ross have all tried shades of gray. Many more have decided to accept and embrace their grays, and we love them for it!

Gray hair for all

Younger and older women are all getting into the silver hair trend. Instagram has several popular hashtags devoted to the movement, including #silversisters and #goinggrey. With a crowd of younger women going gray, hair extensions in a variety of silver hues are suddenly in demand.

Lisa Richards, CEO of RPZL Hair and Extension & Blowout Bar, said in an interview with Charm“Right now, gray extensions are one of our biggest requests – clips, pony, volumizers, tape, keratin, hand-tied and even braided headbands in different shades of gray.”

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However, hair extensions for all ages are becoming normalized and even older women are seeing the benefits of extensions. Aging has always been a contributing factor to hair loss. Other factors, such as genetics, your diet, and even using the wrong hairbrush can all impact hair loss. And there has been an increase in hair loss due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Thus, extensions perform a dual function of helping the transition to gray and helping to solve the problem of hair loss. Although extensions don’t get to the root of the hair loss, they can help you as you search for the source.

Silver hair comes in a variety of shades, so choosing the right color extension is key to a natural look. The quality of the hair will also make a big difference in the final product (read: those $9 clips probably won’t cut it). Choosing the right piece for your styling needs, whether it’s traditional clips, weft extensions or halo style caps, is another consideration to make. If you’re in the market, ask your stylist at your next salon appointment, they can discuss what kind of extensions are best for you!

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