Simone Ashley wears long hair extensions and baby braids

If you’re anything like us, you still have a real case of Bridgerton fever. Alongside love triangles, incredible outfits, and seriously intense chemistry, the show did indeed have us hooked. In fact, I can’t be the only one miiiiight I have already seen it.

Of course, one of the main talking points this season is the incredible new characters that have been brought to our screen – one being Kate Sharma, played by Sex education starring Simone Ashley.

Next to her beautiful dresses and ahhhh-maz-ing skin (Simone, please ditch the skincare routine) – not to mention his incredible acting – the actor sports countless beautiful hairstyles throughout the series, from chunky braids to elegant updos.

Of course, Simone is equally trendy IRL. During her press rounds, she gave us amazing bouncy curls and effortless mega long beach waves. Now Simone comes up with another new look.

Her favorite hairstylist, Peter Lux, posted a series of photos on Instagram, in which Simone sports suuuuuper long hair extensions that almost reach her hips. For styling, he gave her lengths a subtle, effortless wave and added even more texture, thanks to the addition of some 90s-style baby braids.

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Basically, it’s the perfect hairstyle for the summer – and we’ll probably try it ourselves this weekend.

Now if we could just fill our wardrobes with these amazing bejeweled dresses, we’d all be ready for this #ViscountessLife.

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David R. Brewer