‘Sloppy Hair Extensions and Questionable Eyelashes’: Thousands Join Group to Share Hull Horror Stories About Hull Hair

Over 2,000 people joined a group to share their nightmarish experiences with a Hull beauty company allegedly giving women sloppy treatments.

Coco Couture Hair Extensions & Beauty was charged when a woman, who lost her hair due to chemotherapy after being diagnosed with breast cancer, had to spend £ 600 to get her hair done after terrible extensions that she had asked.

The nurse was devastated when her dreamy hair turned out to look like a mule after the technician failed to adjust the strands of hair around the crown of her head.

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Another client had previously explained last year how her hair extension ties were so ill-fitting that they left her scalp sore with the hair sticking out in clumps. At the time, the owners of the company claimed the complaints were “exaggerated” and denied any wrongdoing.

Today, hundreds of women from the city and beyond have joined a Facebook group sharing their own experiences of the Hull-based business.

The nurse who had her extensions installed earlier this month said the company was actually operating out of one of the owners’ apartments.

Hull nurse reported Coco Couture hair extensions to Action Fraud after being charged £ 300 for sloppy extensions

The Facebook group, named “Hair Disaster by Coco Couture Hair Extensions & Beauty, Hull” has gathered more than 2,400 members, many of whom claim to have paid for terrible hair and eyelash treatments.

Pictures show amateur eyelash extensions and messy manes from shoddy hair extensions costing up to £ 300 to install.

A woman, who claimed she had a bad set of eyelashes, told Hull Live her treatment was “absolutely appalling” so she posted a photo to the group, only to be shared with hundreds. of times.

“I realized it was a much more important thing,” she said.

Other members of the group said they contacted one of the owners of the business to complain, but encountered foul language.

Megan extensions that have been installed
Megan extensions that have been installed

Coco Couture, who declined to comment on the story but previously claimed that people’s experiences were “exaggerated”, is currently being assessed by the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau of the London Police Force after being reported to Action Fraud.

The company page on the Yell review site, meanwhile, claims it has since closed, while its Facebook page appears to be gone.

A spokeswoman for Action Fraud confirmed receiving a report on December 21, but could not provide further comment as it is an active investigation.

The extensions all came out of Diane's hair
The extensions all came out of Diane’s hair

The spokesperson said: “Reports compiled by Action Fraud are sent to the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) which is managed by the City of London Police. Here the reports are analyzed for possible avenues of investigation and immediate disruption opportunities.

“Neither Action Fraud nor NFIB have investigative powers.”

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David R. Brewer