Smooth and silky hair extensions to make your hair dreams come true

Salt City Locks meets your hair extension needs and will solve all your hair insecurities. Shelby Killpack presents their various hair extension options and the benefits of using them here. These are also quality extensions at a great price.

Killpack has a passion for hair and extensions, which led her to start this business about a year ago. Since she has been wearing hair extensions for quite some time now, her goal has been to provide extensions that she knows she loves to her clients. The many different colors are smooth, silky and durable.

Her first model wears extensions of length and thickness that fit her hair perfectly. Killpack said that one of the misconceptions surrounding hair extensions is that they are only used for length. Her second model had extensions the same length as her natural hair but are used for thickness. The before and after photos have proven just how beneficial extensions can be for your hair.

Extensions tend to last anywhere from 6 months to a year depending on the products used and Killpack said they have brought a lot of confidence to their customers.

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David R. Brewer