Solange’s micro braids are one of her chicest hairstyles to date

Singer-songwriter Solange is known for a lot of things, but her endless rotation of chic hairstyles tops the list — and she’s back with another look. Solange’s micro braids just popped up on Instagram feeds today and thank goodness everyone is surely out of hair inspo. Since the early 2000s, the star has been inspiring the masses, styling a wide range of hairstyles in the most unique way. The singer has worn everything from braids to long, flowing waves, not to mention a plethora of afro hairstyles. The hair roller style she wore on her album cover, “A Seat At the Table,” was nothing short of iconic. And while micro braids are certainly nothing new, there’s something about Solange’s look that breathes new life into the style.

Solange’s message wearing the braids in an image slide (one taken at New York City Ballet) accompanied by an announcement that she has composed an original score for the ballet which will be performed by the City Ballet Orchestra and a soloist from its whole in October and May. And of course, the micro braids fall perfectly with her series of chic minimalist outfits, including an all-white ensemble that screams a wealthy art collector — or in this case, a wealthy ballet lover.

If you’re unfamiliar, micro braids are a protective style made up of tiny box braids. They are a perfect style for summer as they are long lasting and low maintenance which makes seasonal activities like swimming easier. Braids usually take a long time to set up (hours and hours of talking, up to 12), so keep that in mind if you’ve been inspired by Solange to try out the look.

As with any other style of box braids, you can also get micro braids in different lengths, which increases or decreases braiding time. Solange has longer braids that hit the end of her back with loose curls at the end for a bohemian feel.

The star doesn’t post much on Instagram, so be sure to bookmark this look for your next hair appointment — there’s no telling when she’ll be blessing the world with a new hairstyle again.

David R. Brewer