Summer hair accessories that are totally trendy in 2022

As the months warm up and the days get longer, we have one thing on our minds: all the cute summer hair accessories we’ll be sporting this season. We’re guessing it’s a couple of things, considering there are a number of hair accessories we’re looking forward to showing off this summer. From silk-lined bucket hats to brightly colored hair extensions, scroll below for the accessories we’re currently obsessed with for summer.

1. Damn Gina Silk Lined Bucket Hat: $55

We were recently introduced to Damn Gina through their stellar silk scrunchies. Today, the brand is launching a silk-lined bucket hat in olive and black. Both shades are perfect for summer and will protect your hair from the sun. Plus, the silk lining will keep your hair frizz-free so you don’t have to worry about hat hair.

(via fucking Gina)

2. Luxy Hair Peekaboo Halo Collection: $135

Summer is always the perfect time to experiment with bright colors. But sometimes we want to do it without obligation. This is where the Peekaboo Halo collection from Luxy Hair comes in. These 16 inch 100% Remy hair halo extensions are available in aquamarine, bubblegum and lilac, making them the best summer hair accessory to add a pop of color anytime you want.

Luxy Hair Peekaboo Halo Collection

(via Luxy Hair)

3. Emi Jay’s Super Bloom music video: $15

We have more Emi Jay claw clips than we know what to do with. So with summer coming, we are ready to put them to good use. The brand’s Super Bloom Clip is perfect for summer with its tropical vibes. Instantly become the island girl you dreamed of being.

Super Bloom music video by Emi Jay

(via Emi Jay)

4. Urban Outfitters Urban Renewal Vintage Luminous Butterfly Hair Clip: $10

With the year 2000 resurgence, butterfly clips are everywhere. And it’s the perfect summer hair accessory. They go with literally anything and will truly transport you to 1999.

Urban Outfitters Urban Renewal Shiny Butterfly Vintage Hair Clip

(via Urban Outfitters)

5. Lotus Free People Paisley Print Bandana: $28

We love this Free People bandana so much that we have one in almost every color. Every time we wear it, we never fail to get a ton of compliments. So if you really want to boost your ego this summer, you’ll get a paisley print bandana.

Lotus Free People Paisley Print Bandana

(via Free People)

6. Kitschy Acrylic Stackable Snaps: $12

Going overboard with snap clips is all the rage again. We’re ready to be on top with our summer hair accessories, thanks to this stackable set from Kitsch. They are so cute and can be stacked any way you like. Why not buy a few packs to really do it all?

Kitsch Acrylic Stackable Snap Clips

(via Kitsch)

7. Urban Outfitters Urban Renewal Vintage Stretch Comb Headband: $10

The ’90s zigzag headband is making a comeback, mostly thanks to Euphoria. Even if our head aches just looking at them, we’re ready to wear these headbands all summer long. No one can stop us.

Urban Outfitters Urban Renewal Vintage Stretch Comb Headband

(via Urban Outfitters)

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David R. Brewer