Tayshia Adams creates a collection of Scünci and Conair hair accessories – WWD

Tayshia Adams seeks nostalgia for her latest collaboration.

The former “Bachelorette” star and TV host is embarking on her first hair accessories collaboration, teaming up with Conair and Scünci – both owned by Conair LLC – on a collection of hair accessories and accessories. ‘tools.

“Conair is a brand I’ve used since I was a kid. In fact, I still have my hairbrush that my mom used when I was a kid because it’s something I grew to really love,” Adams said of the collaboration. “It’s become part of my daily kit, but it also appeals to the masses and I feel like every girl can remember her first Conair product.”

Adams wanted to create a day-to-night collection that gave customers the tools they needed throughout the day. The collection includes 33 hair accessories, five hair brushes and combs, five hair tools and a mirror.

She explained that the collection took a year to prepare and offers customers hair accessory options for hitting the gym or going to an elegant dinner party. She also explained that the hair tools are compact enough to work while traveling, which is important to her as she often travels between New York and California.

Adams also drew inspiration from her bicoastal travels for the collection’s prints and color palette.

“I was inspired by the beach life back home in Orange County, but also to have this classy, ​​sophisticated feel of being here in New York,” she said. “I feel like right now everyone is into this effortless, simple and chic look and I feel like it translates to being very light and airy and something very neutral, but which has a touch that can be laid back, but also elevated at the same time.

For Scünci hair accessories, the collection includes headbands, hair clips and scrunchies in a soft color palette of soft blues, mauves, peaches and other nudes. There’s also a holographic claw clip, which Adams says was his favorite because it “tends to go with everything.”

Adams also explained that making the collection accessible is important to her so that she can reach a wide range of customers. Accessories are under $13 and hair tools are under $38. The collection will be available at Walmart.

“We put a lot of trial and error and creativity [in the collection] in that it was going through my whole day and seeing what products I was really using because I’m constantly on the move from the second I wake up to the second I go to bed,” she said. “We went through every product that resonates with me, and with that, I wanted to appeal to all the other girls who are like me, who are constantly on the go, but still want to look good and feel good.”

David R. Brewer