Teyana Taylor and Darling Hair Extensions Join Forces for US Debut – EXCLUSIVE


Two things Teyana Taylor doesn’t play with: her family and her hair. Since bursting onto the scene over a decade ago with her TV debut on MTV my super sweet sixteen, the hair chameleon has left fans anticipating her next hairstyle time and time again. For some of her latest looks, she relied on Darling Hair, the first hair extensions brand in Africa which eventually made its way to the United States with Taylor in the foreground. “I’m thrilled to partner with Darling because I resonate with their mission to help women harness their power with the confidence of having great hair,” she told ESSENCE exclusively. “When I was asked to be the face of the brand, I wanted to make sure I align myself with a brand that reflects my everyday lifestyle and Darling does just that. This is my go-to product for all of my versatile hairstyles like braids, twists, locs and more. With Darling Hair, I am able to promote a brand that I value while embracing and protecting my natural hair.

The brand of course shares these feelings, with Kendria Strong, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing and Innovation Officer of Godrej North America, echoing that Taylor is the perfect fit. “She is a confident and powerful woman who encourages others to go their own way and embrace their unique styles – we couldn’t have chosen a better Ambassador to amplify Darling’s attitude and spirit,” says she.

A woman on the move, Taylor has discovered that her recent tour, “The Last Rose Petal,” ending November 30, would be the perfect time to showcase hair in real life. Threading the brand during its high octane performance, Taylor is proof that Darling hair, while super affordable, is definitely luxurious in quality. And in case you’ve been listening to the viral tour (as you absolutely should be), Taylor has been joined on stage countless times by her star daughter Junie, who Taylor says is also developing a relationship with his own hair. “I teach my daughters to embrace their curls and curls and make every look they create with them their own, ”she says. “I always want to make sure I’m a role model for them and make sure they know the hair they’re born with is beautiful.”

But before the farewell tour officially kicked off, Taylor’s production company The Aunties spearheaded Darling’s marketing campaign, which resulted in some striking images and badass publicity. “It’s always great to align with partners who understand your vision and allow your creativity to be shown,” Taylor said.

Looks like Taylor may have a new choice when it comes to hair, both on and off stage. “The texture matches the texture of my hair, PERIOD,” she points out. And There you go.

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