The 10 best hair styles for thin hair


Women with thin hair can find themselves in an endless struggle to find a flattering haircut. To make your search easier, we’ve compiled the best hairstyles for thin hair so that you too can feel like a bombshell. It turns out that the right cut, short or long, can help you achieve the volume of your dreams, and your thin locks can look a lot thicker. Maybe your options are not so limited.

1. Asymmetrical bob

Actress Rosamund Pike rocks this look. | Jason Merritt / Getty Images

A straight bob falls flat and can age you. As an alternative, try an asymmetrical bob. Having a cut longer on one side adds dimension to your hair and can refine your facial features. You can also part your asymmetrical bob to one side, which helps to increase the volume.

2. Loosely smoothed back

Journalist Megyn Kelly attends Variety's Power Of Women: New York 2016

Journalist Megyn Kelly works this style well. | Andrew Toth / Getty Images

Short hairstyles can be very frustrating when they fall flat and refuse to cooperate. If you are tired of this problem, slicing it back slightly is a perfect hairstyle for you. Just use your fingers to comb your hair back, and if your hair is short enough, secure it with bobby pins, then finish with hairspray. If you have long hair, you can use a rubber band to pull it back, then rub it lightly in the front before spraying it with hairspray.

3. Wavy lob

Actress Emma Stone attends Columbia Pictures' 'ALOHA' special screening at London West Hollywood

Actress Emma Stone shows off this stunning look. | Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

The wavy lob (i.e. the long bob) has become the hottest hairstyle obsession for women of all hair types, but it is especially popular for those with thinner hair because it is short enough that it never falls flat and the wavy texture gives the illusion of thickness. For more dimension, have your stylist blow-dry your hair in sections.

4. Deep side part

Miranda Lambert attends the 2014 American Country Countdown Awards

Miranda Lambert sports a deep side part. | Jason Merritt / Getty Images

If there is one hair style that you must avoid at all costs, it is a dead end. When you have thin hair, this look will make your hair look completely flat. Instead, try which side you prefer to part your hair on, then form a part three inches from the center. You might feel like you’ve created a combo for the first time, but once your hair settles, having a deep side part will make your fine hair look much fuller.

5. Uneven bangs

Alexa Chung attends the Chanel show

Alexa Chung looks great with this bangs. | Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images

Women with thick hair can get away with loose, wide frontal bangs (think Zooey Deschanel). While this look isn’t the best for thin hair, bangs are still an option. Instead of getting heavy bangs with a blunt edge, experiment with choppy front bangs. Having uneven strands gives you the freedom to part the bangs on the side or part them in the middle. french women I loved it popular hairstyle for decades.

6. Pixie cut

Emma Watson at the European Premiere of

Emma Watson shows off the perfect pixie. | Stuart Wilson / Getty Images

One of the best short hair styles for thin hair is actually having very little hair. Having thin hair will actually work to your advantage with a pixie cut, as it turns out to be extremely easy to maintain. Rather than spending centuries trying to style your fine hair, wouldn’t it be fabulous to wake up and go with a perfect pixie?

7. Angled bob

Actress Emma Roberts attends ELLE's Annual Women on Television Celebration

Actress Emma Roberts rocks this gorgeous bob. | Michael Buckner / Getty Images

There are many ways to play a standard bob, the best of which is the angled cut. This style works wonders for thin hair, as it adds an element of chic and sophistication to an otherwise simple outfit. This short hairstyle not only provides extra volume in the back, but it is also so easy to style. Simply use a volumizing shampoo and conditioner when you shower, then towel dry, smooth or towel dry for amazing results.

8. Braided crown

Actress Kate Bosworth arrives at the 2013 Vanity Fair Oscar Party hosted by Graydon Carter

Actress Kate Bosworth looks regal in this style. | Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images

People with thin hair will find that a braid falling down their backs or shoulders looks quite skinny and only exaggerates the thinness of their hair. A great alternative is the braided crown. By pulling your hair up and using a braid as a headband, you can create the illusion of having more hair than you do. You will also draw attention to what is left behind.

9. Coiled ponytail

Singer Beyonce attends 55th Annual GRAMMY Awards

Beyoncé always looks great with a super chic ponytail. | Christopher Polk / Getty Images

It often seems like there are few decent hairstyles for fine hair, but fear not! We know of one that works wonders. Simply pull your hair back into a messy ponytail (you can choose how high it falls). Then find a fake tie that matches your hair color and use it to tie up your ponytail. The look of the coiled hair will make it look like you’ve got even more of it beyond your ponytail.

10. Wispy front layers

Actress Elle Fanning arrives at a photocall to promote the film The Neon Demon

Elle Fanning looks great in these layers. | Tiziana Fabi / Getty Images

For girls with fine hair who love medium-length cuts, one of our favorite looks is one that incorporates wispy front layers. Have your hairstylist cut your hair between collarbone and bust, then add wispy front layers that start from the bottom of your chin to your ends. These front layers beautifully frame your face, add texture, and can be styled for extra volume. Just keep in mind that the back of your hair should be cut in a straight line, as the thin layers at the back tend to get tousled.


David R. Brewer