The 8 Best Tape-In Hair Extensions of 2022 According to Experts

Versatility has always been the name of the hair game. Whether it’s clips, a fall or extensions, women like to know they have options. Let’s be clear, hair is a fashion accessory and has been for centuries, and although hairstyles and pieces have evolved over the years, from the towering powdered hairstyles of the 18th century to the thick, luxurious yet natural look of today , desire for body, length, and versatility remained the same.

“Most hairstylists and consumers still go with the classic and traditional methods of achieving a long mane with gluing and stitching, but with the ever-expanding technology in the hair world, you now have different options to achieve the same results,” says Tish Celestine. , celebrity hairstylist and owner of LaBelle Boutique. “Adhesive strips can make life easier in some cases and are popular among hairstyling enthusiasts.”

Sophia Alston, celebrity hairstylist and owner of Sophia Hair, explains, “With tape-in ​​hair extensions, there’s no commitment; you can change the look from short to long instantly, which is appealing to people who want an immediate change. These extensions also offer many advantages. For example, if you need more fullness, tape-ins are a quick and easy way to create volume. They are also functional. You can wear your hair in a ponytail or cascade around your shoulders. The choice is yours, provided the hair is properly tied back and you do regular hair care maintenance, your look should ultimately last six to eight weeks,” says Alston.

Dani Tygr, hairstylist and beauty industry executive, says that in addition to choosing the right hair for the look you want, it’s also important to remember to choose the right licensed cosmetologist. “It all depends on the stylist and their training, not just the application, but looking at extensions in general. What type of tape is the client looking for and is they the right candidate to wear extensions? These questions need to be front and center, because choosing the right extensions is the difference between having really bad hair and preserving your own hair.

Making the choice to get adhesive strips isn’t completely cut and dried, but there’s no need to worry; our beauty experts wouldn’t dream of letting you hang. So we’ve compiled some of their top picks for your next salon experience. With these suggested brands, you’ll be showcasing new, long, luxurious locks just in time for summer.

  • Best for the budget: Zala Hair
  • The most natural: talk about hair
  • Better range of shades: BEAUTIFUL FRIEND
  • The most ethical: Long Lengths
  • The easiest to apply: hairlocs


    natural look

    Real talk with hair talk

    Considered a global innovator in tape-in ​​extensions, Hair Talk USA features breakthrough technology and premium quality 100% Remy human hair. Their patent pending tape style features a completely concealed tape that is designed to mimic the natural root and create an almost invisible result, leaving discreet, comfortable and flawless natural body wave extensions that blend seamlessly with your hair. natural.

    BELLAMI Professional

    With a reputation for quality hair and the widest range of color shades, these premium hair extensions are at the forefront of transforming the hair industry. They are made using only the finest cuticle intact and double drawn 100% Remy human hair.

    Glam Seamless is a hair extension brand that provides high quality hair for every budget. Their hair is made for professional hairstylists and hair extension enthusiasts everywhere. With over 100 colors, multiple lengths, textures and curl patterns, the company offers collections of hair extensions ranging from ready-to-wear clips, ponytails and U-shaped wigs to professional tapes, wefts hand-knotted, etc. .


    ethical source

    go very far

    Known for its quality, Great Lengths, has 100% traceable virgin human hair from the sacred temples of India, and the most durable, undetectable and gentle attachment methods.


    Perfecting the professional extension

    From ready-to-wear hair to the highest quality professional hair extensions, The Hair Shop’s goal is to provide stylists, beauty enthusiasts and everyday customers with every means to transform their mane using a variety of hair textures, versatile lengths, various colors and cutting-edge application methods.


    Easy to apply


    These tape in extensions are quick and easy to apply while lying extremely flat on the scalp, a hassle free option. There are no additional tools required to install this system other than a sectioning comb.


    Long duration

    Locked away perfection

    Perfect Locks provides a seamless, durable and manageable solution. They are non-damaging and lightweight, and their Remy human hair can be reused multiple times with hair replacement tape.


    Great for volume

    Very thick

    ZALA Tape-In Human Hair Extensions pride themselves on using the latest technology in the hair industry. They allow you to apply a full head of tape-in ​​extensions in less than 30 minutes.

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