The best anti-aging hairstyles and tips to look younger

As with skincare and makeup, sometimes we have to shake up our hair and adapt it as we age.

In addition to some styles that aren’t as flattering as they could be, our hair itself is changing and it’s important that we take this into account.

Hair follicles spend less time in the active growth phase, which makes hair strands look shorter and finer.

In addition to this, the hair becomes less dense on the top of the head and the edges of the forehead, hairline and temples. The hair also begins to produce less melanin, which leads to graying.

The decrease in estrogen and progesterone in women as they age reduces the production of sebum from the scalp and, as a result, the hair is drier and more fragile.

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For this reason, it is important to use the right hair products and to ensure that we give it the best possible look in flattering haircuts and styles. Just because you’ve had long hair your whole life doesn’t mean it always looks healthy, because it’s drier and more prone to breakage.

Here are our top tips for keeping your hair looking luscious as you age.

Give your hair texture with a good cut

Simple haircuts may look sleek and elegant, but they don’t create volume and movement quite like layers. Layered hair is the best option for people over 40 because it shows off your best facial features.

Bangs also make a huge difference – full bangs or curtain bangs give your hair new life while looking incredibly flattering.

Find the perfect shade for you

The wrong hair color for your skin tone is the biggest mistake people can make when it comes to aging your hair.

As we age, our complexion changes and we tend to lose pigment; it can make us less radiant if we choose the wrong hair tones.

While for some people gray hair is a statement and looks fabulous, for others it can undermine your glow and make you look older.

Cool-toned blonde shades can have the same effect, so adding subtle sunny lowlights can be a great option to soften the blonde, as well as using conditioner with a hint of gold.

Use products suitable for your hair

The shampoo you use really makes all the difference.

Oily hair can often be caused by harsh products that dry out your scalp, leading to overproduction of sebum. High-street shampoos often contain ingredients that irritate and dry out the skin on our scalp, so when possible it’s ideal to invest in a salon brand shampoo.

While this is always the case, it’s especially important as you age and your hair becomes more fragile.

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David R. Brewer