The best hair accessories for women in 2022, according to stylists

A fresh hairstyle always brings an uplifted spirit, and your good vibes should be accompanied by the right hair accessory. Just like the rest of our wardrobe, hair accessories are meant to complement our hairstyle, style and lifestyle. So when it comes to thick, long, curly hair, some accessories do better than others.

Whether you’re a fan of the scrunchie or prefer a fuzzy winter hat to hide your oily hair, there are plenty of ways to perfect your mane with just the right element. From vintage headbands to chunky barrettes, help your hair thrive with these expert-approved hair accessories and tips.

What hair accessories are in fashion in 2022?

According to the hairdresser and make-up artist Desiree Leigh, vintage-style headbands, pearlescent and monochrome snap clips and chunky barrettes are all the rage right now. She also noted that printed silky hair scarves are a great way to prolong your blowout for an extra day or two.

“’90s accents are here to stay and braided tendrils aren’t going anywhere this summer,” Leigh added. “Hair accessories are a great way to spruce up any style and add sparkle and fun.”

For thicker hair, you can go big or small with your hair accessories. “When choosing an accessory, make sure it can support the weight of your hair, has a good grip and [the accessory] is able to glide and stay in your hair,” said the bridal specialist and hairstylist Sara Yousif.

“Almost anything goes with hair accessories this year! From popular Y2K butterfly clips to snap-on rhinestones, hair becomes a playground for fun accessories,” the pro hairstylist added. Justin Toves Vincilion.

Hair accessories for women

Banana clips

This hair accessory is the perfect clip for thick hair because it holds longer without the added bulk of a regular scrunchie. It also provides the illusion of more volume and thicker hair. If you want to step up your hair game, this accessory is ideal for holding every strand of hair in place. In addition to their versatility, banana clips also offer an easy way to style your hair, especially when you don’t have time in the morning to set yourself up for a good routine for the day.

Deeka pearl hair clip

This pack of six banana clips is available in different colors and ideal for thick hair. If you’re looking to embrace the pearlcore aesthetic (one of Pinterest’s predicted trends for 2022), the sleek design is a no-brainer to add to your wardrobe. “I have longer, wavy, thin hair and this is holding up perfectly. Definitely an improvement over the clips we used in the 90s,” added a verified Amazon reviewer who gave this five stars.

Large Eyegla Banana Clips

No more hair worries thanks to these brightly colored banana clips. This pack brings six different matte shades and is suitable for curly, long and thick hair. An Amazon reviewer said these clips were a total game-changer. “These have a lightweight rubberized coating and a spring hinge, which makes it easy to gather all my hair and hold it in place until I pull it out of the clip.”

Pearl Headbands & Clips

According to google trends, searches for pearl-related hair accessories have increased by 70% in the past 12 months. From handbags to chain necklaces, pearlescent accessories are a great way to effortlessly spruce up your hair and outfits.

Gold Hair Clip The Hair Edit

Keep your bangs in place with this stylish gold bead clip from The Hair Edit. Your locks will instantly look chic in this hair accessory that looks high-end and stylish – without the luxury price tag.

Willbond pearl headbands

Style your bixie cut or any other hairstyle with this pearlescent accessory with rave reviews from Amazon. A verified buyer said this headband suits her thick hair well. “They all look great stacked together too!”

claw pliers

Although this hair clip was a hit in 2021, it continues to be a staple for thick hair. “This extra large hair accessory is becoming more and more popular and makes styling your hair super easy in a cute and casual style. As fashion moves towards a minimal, Parisian vibe, it’s no wonder this accessory for hair fits so well. well!” added Vincilione.

Kitsch Open Shape Claw Clip

“I love Kitsch’s claw clips. They’re easy, fun, and a great way to nod to the 90s,” the hairstylist said. Clarisse Rubenstein. This top-notch option will hold your thick hair in place without damaging your strands.

Large Tocess Hair Clips

For a low-maintenance look, flip your hair up with this claw clip. Wear it to the gym, the supermarket or the beach. With over 15,000 brilliant five-star ratings, this clip is an essential product if you don’t want your locks to slip out.

The Hair Edit Gold Loop Claw Clip

If you struggle with your long hair, just twist your hair into this gold barrette. The accessory features sophisticated workmanship and strong materials to make your French twists more sophisticated.


For those looking to adorn their hair for special events, rhinestones provide the perfect elegant vibe. “Hair rhinestones can be found as snap-on or clip-on accessories and they add a nice finishing touch to hairstyles worn up or down,” Vincilione says.

Kitsch Glam Strass Hairpin

Add some glamor to your hairstyle with this sparkly hairpin. This eye-catching accessory will hold your baby hair while you dance the night away. One Kitsch fan wore it in Las Vegas and said it was “a fun way to add some bling and make a statement.”

The Mane Option Banana Clip Swarovski Crystal

This sparkly banana clip from the Etsy shop The mane option is the perfect option to keep your hair tight and glamorous. One buyer said it was especially helpful when she was driving her convertible.

BlingtrimBoutique Deluxe Silver Plated Rhinestone Headpiece

Looking for the perfect accessory to turn heads? This headpiece will add sparkle and glamour. It supports your hair and comes with crystal fringes for a whimsical look.

Clips & butterfly barrettes

“Barettes, hair clips and even butterfly clips are an easy way to add something extra and there are so many styles available this year,” Vincilione shared.

INC International Concepts Silver Crystal Fringe Hair Clip

Barrettes don’t have to be boring and this crystal one is perfect for any special occasion. This accessory is meant to hold bangs or add a finishing touch to your everyday hairstyle.

“This trend can be so much fun because it’s all about expressing yourself!” said Vinciliane.

butterfly hair clips

Add a touch of cuteness and nostalgia to your look with these colorful clips. Embrace the 90s and wear them around your crown or as an accent in your ponytail.

The “brunch” darling

According to Vincilione, scrunchies are the way to go for a casual yet put-together look. “2022 is going to give a whole new meaning to the word casual and it starts with the oversized brunch scrunchie! It’s perfect for dressing up a casual look and giving your everyday bun a big boost.”

Kitsch Brunch Frayed Linen Scrunchie

This versatile accessory is ideal for those days when you need a quick change. Simply twist your hair into a bun and hold it with this scrunchie. “It doesn’t pull my hair when I take it off and is very comfortable,” said one Kitsch fan.

Qiniko Organza Oversized Scrunchies

In addition to holding thick hair, this oversized sheer scrunchie adds subtle elegance while keeping your locks away from your face.

Brief Classic Mini Chouchous

This iteration of the classic scrunchie will elevate your bubble braid. Add mini scrunchies to your ponytail or upgrade your braid with this silk accessory.

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