The best hair accessories to use as Christmas stockings

For many, the holiday season includes giving gifts from Santa Claus, exchanging gifts with loved ones, and receiving stocking stuffers. While the items placed in stockings are small, they can be just as special as anything wrapped and placed under the tree.

For example, jewelry, makeup, and hair accessories are all must-have goodies and are perfectly sized to store in a stocking. Hair accessories, in particular, are all the rage right now as people add clips, knots, combs, and bands to enhance their looks. Yes, scroll through social media, flip through a fashion magazine, or watch a red carpet event, and you will surely see an array of these adorable accessories.

If you’re still on the hunt for gift ideas, consider the hair accessory options below. They are all super cute, they all cost less than $ 20 and they are sure to please any recipient! Better yet, they will fit in a stocking.

Hair comb offers a glamorous way to accessorize

A stylish option when it comes to holiday hairstyles is to hold back part of your hair with a hair comb. It gives a nod to old Hollywood glamor and you get major bonus points if the comb is as shiny as this one. Kristin Ess’s Heavenly Comb – which is also a recommendation from Bustle – features gorgeous stars and can be hung for just $ 8.

Multiple looks can be created with this set of hair clips

The hair accessory chosen on a given day depends on its outfit, destination and mood. To cover all the bases, gift this Amazon Hair Clip Set which includes 28 different clips! There are beads, marble patterns, geometric shapes, and a variety of colors, so this gift can be mixed, matched, and worn over and over again. Plus, at $ 12.95, it’s also part of a recent Brit + Co. roundup.

A good gift idea is a pack of 60 different scrunchies

On a related note, Amazon has a scrunchie set consisting of 60 different pieces, also mentioned on USA Today. They are all available in different colors and in velor. Hair ties always disappear or break, but with this set one person will have them to put in their hair, wear as a bracelet, and share with friends … all for just $ 11.99.

A popular option this year is the claw clip

The claw clip is back and bigger than ever, which means everyone would love to have one in their stockings this holiday season. In particular, there are the Pearl Hair Claw hair clips from Amazon, with four different sizes and a price of $ 9.99. Women’s Health suggests them too, as the high quality resin and strong spring material help the clips to look sleek and stay in place, even in very thick hair.

A headband is the perfect accessory for the hair

Last but not least, there are the headbands to consider. The versatility of this accessory makes it possible to wear cotton versions for the gym, velvet versions for an everyday look and embellished options to enhance evening wear. A specific example is the Anthropologie Statement crystal-embellished headband, as seen on Today. The good news is that it is available in multiple colors (black, cream, bronze, turquoise, light blue, raspberry, and light green) and is on sale (from $ 28 to $ 19.60)!

David R. Brewer