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Hair Extensions Buying Guide

Different extensions with comb and scissors in the hair salon.

Why buy hair extensions?

Extensions can give your hair volume a boost for a naturally enhanced look, while some people find it difficult to grow their hair out, so they use extensions to create a new style and boost their confidence. Plus, hair extensions are fun to experiment with to change up your look without committing to something more permanent.

What should you consider in hair extensions?

  • Look and feel: There are many options for the color and thickness of hair extensions. Synthetic extensions are often heavier than natural hair, giving tons of body. Natural hair can have different colors and textures, but it is generally lighter and softer than synthetic extensions. Both synthetic and natural hair extensions can be styled, cleaned and conditioned according to your product instructions.
  • Quality and longevity: With proper care, most hair extensions will last about three months. If you don’t use your extensions continuously and don’t store them properly, they can last even longer. Even high quality natural hair extensions won’t last longer than their synthetic counterparts, but both will last longer with diligent care.
  • Application type: There are many ways to apply hair extensions: sew-in, clip-in, halo tape, tape, fusion and MicroLink hair extensions are the most common. A salon professional should place certain applications such as seams and MicroLinks in your hair.

What is the best way to care for hair extensions?

It’s a good idea to continue your usual hair care routine while wearing extensions. Wash and condition your hair with sulfate-free products for best results. And it is also better to use a moisturizing conditioner. When wearing extensions, you may want to avoid dry shampoo, blow-drying, and excessive use of sticky hair products. Good care will keep them beautiful and healthy longer, saving you time and money.

Our picks for the best hair extensions

Best choice

Advantages: Put on these extensions with ease for fuller hair. If you’re looking for a curly, wavy style, this is a great choice, and with plenty of color choices, you can match it to your skin tone. Just wash with mild shampoo and conditioner and air dry for best results.

The inconvenients: These extensions tangle easily.

Conclusion : If you are looking for natural color synthetic hair extensions, these can be a great choice for you. They’re made to blend for a natural look, and the care instructions are easy to follow.

Best clip-in option

Advantages: These natural hair extensions are high quality and come in separate clips to make them easy to blend for a natural look. They can be dyed to match your hair color and curled for a fun night out. Plus, they’re super silky and soft, so you won’t be able to stop touching them.

The inconvenients: The occasional loss or breakage is common with these extensions.

Conclusion : These clip in hair extensions are designed to blend with your hair color for the most natural look. They are well packaged to prevent damage and they come with a beautiful set of mink lashes to complete your look.

Best choice of duct tape

Advantages: This set comes in a straight style that can easily be curled for any look you are going for. They’re made with softness and shine in mind, and they can be applied with the included blue tape. With good care, these can last up to three months.

The inconvenients: These extensions do not match all hair textures.

Conclusion : If clips aren’t for you, try these tape in hair extensions. If you want them to last longer than a few weeks, you can buy separate, stronger tape to stick them longer.

Best Halo Pick

Advantages: This is perhaps the easiest set of hair extensions to apply. You place the halo in your hair, then adjust the yarn to fit your head. The color choices are extensive and designed to match most hair colors, making it easier for you to choose. And the texture is fantastic and soft, even when styled.

The inconvenients: These can look better with thinner hair.

Conclusion : If you are new to hair extensions and want to try something simple, these hair extensions may be just what you are looking for as they are easy to apply and can be adjusted to your liking.

Best Color Pieces

Advantages: These are a great alternative to hair dye, especially for young people who want to experiment with their look. They are individually wrapped for added quality and stay in place very well once installed.

The inconvenients: They can get tangled easily.

Conclusion : Looking to add color to your hair but don’t want to commit? These fun rainbow colored clips in 32 colors are a great alternative.

Final Thoughts

Hair extensions are a great way to switch up your style without damaging your hair or committing to a certain look. They can add volume and length to your hair, and they’re a great alternative to dyeing for kids or young people who want to upgrade their style.

David R. Brewer