The Best Hair Treatment Oils, According to Stylists

Every hair type could benefit from using an oil treatment once in a while – ask any hairstylist. Even those with oilier scalps or finer locks should consider investing. There are so many options that address issues like dryness, stubborn strands, growth, and even an overly congested scalp.

Sure, hair treatment oils can help achieve many different goals, but they’re also adaptable in other ways. “I love hair oils because of their versatility,” the celebrity hairstylist said. Graham Nation said. “You can use them as a styling agent or as a finishing product. You get so many benefits from using just one product. Anyone can use them to treat dry ends, too.” And he’s not the only one singing their praises. celebrity hairdresser Jennifer Korab says, “I love the shine that hair oils leave on the hair. I also love the softness and silky feel they create!”

As a bonus, Korab also offers some application tips for getting the most out of your hair oil. “I would recommend applying hair oil to wet hair after shampooing and conditioning,” she shares. “This will nourish it and protect it from frizz, and it dries to a subtly shinier version of its natural texture. When your hair is dry, you can pump a little more hair oil into your palm, rub it in between your hands and smooth them on your lengths and ends.” Now that you’re all set to incorporate a treatment oil into your daily hair care routine, keep scrolling through some of Nation and Korab’s favorites, along with our own recommendations.

David R. Brewer