The Coolest Hair Styles for Brides Now

In addition to amazing fashion moments, the 2021 summer wedding season delivered some outstanding celebrity hair inspirations. For her May nuptials, Ariana Grande rocked a super sleek version of her signature ponytail, which she accessorized with a bubble veil adorned with a bow. In July, Gwen Stefani brought back the classic updo with a perfectly styled bun created by her longtime stylist Danilo.

Although these famous brides have very different hairstyles, they share one thing in common (in addition to the Vera Wang dresses): their chosen hairstyles were totally appropriate for their brand. This is something every bride should aspire to for her wedding hair – you should look and feel like you on the big day.

When it comes to wedding hair, many factors come into play that will dictate your look: your dress, your personality, your hair texture, and your style preference. We spoke to Kevin Hughes, Creative Director of Moroccanoil, about the wedding hair styles modern brides wear, why you need a hairstylist as your confidant to guide your wedding hair journey, and his thoughts on wedding hair accessories: I don’t want them to be the star of the show, just a backup dancer!”

What are the current best wedding hair styles?

“One of the most popular looks is a very bohemian, loose bun with lots of texture and movement. Kelly Clarkson was a perfect example of this style on her wedding day. Also, I love a low, sleek bun – it’s so chic and truly a timeless style. It takes confidence to wear this style with the hair completely pulled back from the face, it’s a strong and beautiful look. The glamorous waves like the ones Kate Upton wore on wedding day are large and can be worn with one side of the hair pulled back, or part of the hair in the center and tucked behind one or both ears.If you have naturally curly hair, wear a more stylish version of your everyday look is my favorite – show off those gorgeous curls I loved Samira Wiley’s wedding hair.

Why is it so important to have a relationship with a stylist before your wedding day?

“This is not the day you want surprises with your hair and you want to feel confident. You need to know that your stylist will execute your wedding hair vision and style it to your expectations. Also, your wedding is a day you want to spend with the special people in your life that you love, including your beauty team.If you’re meeting your stylist for the first time on your wedding day, it adds a ton of anxiety and pressure to you and the stylist.

Are hair tests still relevant and why are they a good idea?

“You want to make sure the style is exactly how you imagine it to be on your wedding day. For example, so many women add extensions before their wedding, and if that’s something you want, it has to be done. well in advance.Only when the extensions are in place can you even consider wedding hairstyles. A trial is also essential because it’s a time for you and your stylist to collaborate on your vision and play around with a few different looks before deciding on the last one. You won’t have time to do it the same day.

From veils to barrettes to headbands, wedding hair accessories are very important for brides. What’s the best way to wear them?

“When it comes to props, I believe less is more. You don’t want a prop to be the star of the show, just a backup dancer. Ensuring they are attached correctly is essential We stylists have a secret trick to securing them: an anchor braid. This is a small, hidden braid that we incorporate into wedding hairstyles to secure all types of hair accessories. of your chosen accessory is also very important. It should accentuate your wedding hairstyle and make sense. For example, if you pull one side of your hair back, it makes sense to place an accessory there, or if the two front pieces are pulled back, it would make sense to place a prop where the two sections meet at the back.

Healthy wedding hair is the best wedding hair. What special care do you recommend before the wedding day?

“A wedding hair care regimen should start six months from the day if you have the time. It’s not hard to implement or adopt. Start with a great shampoo and conditioner that will repair and moisturize as well as masks weekly moisturizers – I love Moroccanoil’s light moisturizing or intense moisturizing masks Same day shine product is a must – you want your hair to look shiny in photos I also love to finish with hair fragrance, it adds a little something extra special to your day.

Wedding Hair Essentials to Buy Now

Here are some of our favorite wedding hair accessories and pre-wedding hair care products right now.

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This delicate birdcage veil adorned with maid butterflies is a true work of art.

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Hair chains are a simple accessory with a major impact. This rose gold chain has a romantic vintage touch.

Maria HelenaMaria Elena crown, $1,175,

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This hair piece is aptly named “Bridgerton”, inspired by the hit show. (When does season 2 start?!)

Jennifer BehrJennifer Behr Bow Barrette, $435,

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The trendy hair bow is back! This organza bow encrusted with pearls is a dream.

Keren WolfeKeren Wolfe Beaded Headband, $435

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This oversized beaded headband is maximalist Breakfast at Tiffany’s vibration. It’s the perfect match for an elegant and simple column dress.

Lelet NYLelet NY Hair Pins, $87,

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Playing with bobby pins is a great way to create a unique look, and it’s a great way to accessorize natural curls.

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The intoxicating scent of Moroccanoil is now available in perfume form! It’s a gorgeous way to add a finishing touch to your wedding hair.

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This hydrating shampoo bar provides luxurious lather, is color safe and adds a hydrating boost of shine.

AmikaAmika The Kure Multi-Task Repair Treatment, $28,

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This post-cleanse treatment works wonders in just one minute to strengthen and hydrate hair. It can also be used as a light leave-in treatment.

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