The Easiest, Fastest Updo Hair Styles Ever

When it comes to hairstyle, there is nothing that changes your overall look faster than a bun. A messy top knot can add an element of nonchalance, an intricate bun can create an air of elegance, and a beach braid can create an instant bohemian vibe.

It’s official, the bun is the sexiest hairstyle of the summer

However, if you are not skilled in the styling department, it can be difficult to master most hairstyles, especially when they involve complex techniques, specialized equipment, or multiple heated tools to complete.

Regardless of how easily the tutorial looks on screen, doing it at home is another trick and most of us end up giving up after a few failed attempts and resorting to our headboard look.

Fortunately, there are several updates that don’t require any styling prowess and can be mastered in seconds (seriously, we’re not exaggerating). These looks are foolproof – they can’t go wrong, either because they leave no room for error in the case of a super smooth ballerina bun, or else any faux pas will only improve the end result. .

Keep scrolling to take a look at the best easy updates that don’t require any skills, patience, or a 10 minute YouTube tutorial …

Looking for easier hair ideas? Check out this TikTok approved hair hack that creates the perfect top knot in one motion.

Scroll down for the best easy bun styles for long hair …

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