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If you’ve ever admired long, perfectly styled waves on your favorite celebrities (and you’ve also wondered how they manage to look so beautiful even in extreme humidity), you’ve probably been fooled by hair extensions, which have become so advanced. over the years it’s hard to tell the difference between them and natural hair. In fact, most celebrities consider hair extensions a regular part of their beauty routine these days in order to maintain a certain look, and we love to see the makeover videos on social media when the celebrities are up to share.

Not only can extensions “lengthen” the length of your hair, they can also add texture and change your color. Many celebrities go for long beach waves when their hair is too thin to hold a curl or when they live in a hot climate where humidity can wreak havoc on natural strands. However, there is science behind how they work and what type of hair is best for each individual. It is therefore crucial to find a stylist who knows the ins and outs of the world of hair extensions. Here we have details on some of the most popular hair extension methods right now, so you can find the best one for your strands.

Custom clips

Kristin grip, founder of Tease Salon in Costa Mesa, Calif., has mastered her extension skills – if you’ve watched JoJo Fletcher’s season The bachelorette and her gorgeous hair, you’ve seen her work. “We make custom clip-on hair sets where we can customize the color, length and width of a client’s extension rows to fit their hair perfectly,” she says. “Depending on how often you wear them, they can last for years. Hair extensions do not expire, they wear out over time. If you have old clips in a drawer from over five years ago, they’re still good. The only reason you would want to replace the clips is if they are worn out from hot tools, brushing, styling, tons of washes, etc.

Average cost: $ 250 to $ 350

Another brand of music videos that is popular with A-listers is Luxury hair, who is known for her clip-on ponytails – think Ariana Grande vibe – and seamless clips that come in tons of shades (including balayage) and 16-inch and 20-inch styles . Below two Victoria’s Secret Angels Jasmine Tookes and Josephine Skriver flaunt their Seamless Luxy Hair locks (both styled by Ruslan Nureyev), and Hailey Bieber sports one of the brand’s clip-on ponytails courtesy of the stylist Amanda lee.

Keratin individuals

According to Grip, these are also known as the “fusion method,” where each individual extension is a small gathering of hair with a tie / tip at the top that holds all of the hair together. “The tie is placed against a small section of the client’s hair equal in thickness to the extension, then melted with a small hot wand. The tie melts and I roll it with my fingers around the client’s hair. The link cools and hardens, creating a sealed, durable and long lasting link. These steps are repeated to install an average of 150-200 pieces for a complete head. I prefer that clients come back every three months for a new set to avoid damaging their natural hair, but I’ve seen women wear them for up to five months.

Average cost: $ 1,000 +

Paris Hilton and her hairstylist Eduardo Ponce are fans of KmXtend Hair, which creates cutting edge keratin extensions using 100% human hair in a wide selection of colors, styles and lengths that look super natural. Below, Hilton shows off the brand’s 24-inch TK. TikTok star Addison Rae has also been spotted flaunting super long 28in KmXtend extensions.

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Beaded wefts

“I invented this method in my garage in 2004, and now I see them everywhere. It’s also very popular in my living room, ”explains Grip. “A hair extension ‘weft’ is a row of hair sewn together at the top, creating an even row or ‘curtain’ of hair. I take a horizontal part in the client’s hair and place a weft along the part. Then I take small sections of the client’s hair and weft hair and tie them together inside a bead. Wefts are super flat and can add a ton of hair quickly. An average full head is three to four rows, which I can set up in about 40 minutes. Maintenance consists of coming every six to eight weeks to reposition them on your scalp.

Average cost: $ 800 to $ 1,500

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