These 9 hair accessories will be an important thing this winter – you are welcome

Whenever my hair decides it’s not in the mood to cooperate (which it almost always is), a strategically placed hair accessory is my number one antidote. The bangs are not posing correctly? Headband! Fat roots? Hat! Ponytail ho-hum? Favorite! My collection of hair gadgets is extensive, and honestly, I don’t know why I would do without them. That said, with each season that new trends and micro-trends abound, I like to add a few new takes to my wardrobe. And with winter just around the corner, now is the perfect time to get a head start on the best winter hair accessories.

Coming up, we’re featuring nine of the most relevant accessories to elevate your locks and style this winter. Some are newer versions of trends that have been around for a while and others are so on point that you might be the first person around to try them. Keep scrolling – nine of our favorite winter-centric hair accessory trends are below.

Cozy textures

Take it from someone who grew up in Minnesota with sub-freezing temperatures and an even scarier wind chill – it’s not always easy to look cute while staying warm. That said, this season’s comfy textures like faux fur and fluffy fleece are a chic and easy way to upgrade your seasonal hair accessories. And at the same time, protect yourself from the elements.

ASOS design Sage Faux Fur Bucket Hat ($ 27)

Jacquemus Neve Embroidered Fleece Headband ($ 90)

Skull Caps & Beanies

Knitted and / or beaded caps are an emerging micro-trend. Who What Wear Editor-in-Chief Kat Collings (ahem, the fanciest person I know) recommends giving it a try before anyone else this winter. If you’re the type of person who wants to know (and wear) what’s cool in front of the masses, add it to your next winter shopping trip.

Beyiwenoo 1920s Beaded Cap ($ 17)

Anna sui Black Crochet Star Beanie ($ 165)

Level jaw pliers

Nail clips aren’t a new trend for this winter, but they continue to gain momentum. We’ve found graphic or embellished clips (think cool geometric designs or your name encrusted with rhinestones) to be the coolest take on the solid hair accessory.

Casa Clara Allegra Clip ($ 28)

Emi jay Big Effing Custom Clip ($ 86)

Silk scarves

Silky scarves are another staple hair accessory that seems to be taking over our Instagram feeds this season. Not only will they instantly elevate an outfit (or an amazing makeup vibe), but they can also do double duty in disguising oily roots or those inevitable bad hairstyle days. It’s a glamorous vintage look that’s ultra-versatile when it comes to styling. Simply wrap it over the top of the hair and tie it underneath or twirl it around your ponytail. Sky is the limit.

Bikinis Frankie Heidi Silk Scarf in Paisley Blue ($ 74)

Ganni Leopard Bandana ($ 39)

Baseball caps

You can count on hats of all shapes, sizes and varieties to be a big thing this winter, but baseball caps (yes, really!) Will reign supreme. Pair them with leather, your favorite pants, cool sneakers or your favorite jeans, and your outerwear aesthetic will be so much cooler this season.

Urban outfitters Tonal MLB Baseball Cap ($ 29)

Balenciaga Embroidered Cotton Twill Baseball Cap ($ 390)

Stylish designer plaques

Designer logos, in general, are a huge trend among all categories of hair accessories – hats, scrunchies, clips, etc. That said, we have a soft spot for the sleek look of a plaque (ahem, like Prada’s) on a fancy hair clip.

Prada Hair clip with logo plate ($ 320)

Gucci Hair clip with GG and heart detail ($ 295)

Shimmering hair clips

In case you missed it, “hair slide” is the British term for a longer hair clip or bar-shaped barrette. We have seen them everywhere and are convinced that they are the way to add a touch of shine or polish to strands this winter. Plus, they’ll help keep stray strands out of your face.

Dior Dio (r) evolution hair clip ($ 420)

Alexandre De Paris Circular side bar ($ 85)

Raised headbands

No, the headbands aren’t going anywhere, folks! In fact, the trend accelerates even more for winter when we crave everything luxurious, soft, and shiny. Try lining your bands for a more on-trend take, and of course, faux fur, beads, jewelry, and anything else that catches the light is fair play as well.

Eugenie Kim Dora Faux Fur Headband ($ 65)

Lele sadoughi Oversized Pearl and Crystal Headband ($ 195)

Mesh additions

We love to nod to the first half of the 20th century and have gone gaga over all the mesh-adorned hair accessories we’ve noticed lately. Whether it’s a hat or a headband, there’s no better way to completely upgrade your look this winter.

Jennifer behr Voilette Headband ($ 182)

Gigi burris Tulle Voile Embellished with Faux Pearls and Swarovski Crystals ($ 295)

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