‘These Jimmy Butler hair extensions are awful’: Heat Star dreads have NBA Twitter in Absolute Shambles

Jimmy Butler reveals the exact reason he put on hair extensions during the 2022 offseason as NBA Twitter reacts.

Jimmy Butler has become the poster child for this superstar who amps it up several notches when the Playoffs roll around. From a 40-point triple double against LeBron James to a 47-point loss in the Eastern Conference Finals, Butler continues to prove he’s a top-10 talent when it matters most.

One of the main reasons the Miami Heat transitioned from their Dwyane Wade era to the current Jimmy Butler era quite easily was because of, well, Butler. His energy on the field matches the energy of everyone on the Heat and his personality off the court keeps everyone in that locker room in good spirits.

Jimmy is the type of player who held his teammates accountable but invested himself in leading by example. Along the way, he discovered that humor is the perfect way to break into a team.

More recently, the former MIP underwent a drastic physical change that provided not just his team, but the entirety of NBA Twitter, with some levity moments.

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Jimmy Butler’s hair extensions are getting people talking a lot.

The Miami Heat have their media day today and Jimmy Butler showed up not only with his off-season hair extensions, but also with a clean shaven face. Calling himself the “baby-faced assassin,” Butler addressed his new dreads, cheekily asserting that they were not extensions.

NBA Twitter would go on to roast Butler, calling the dreads horrible. They would also point out that Jimmy quietly backtracks on hair extensions, putting them aside as if he wanted them to be a joke when in reality he wanted them to look good.

NBA Twitter can rest easy, however, as they have confirmed that they will not carry over dreads into the current season. Thank goodness it’s not like the time Rick Barry played with a wig. Jimmy would actually struggle to play 48 minutes of ball with those glorious hair extensions.

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David R. Brewer