This $8 Hair Treatment Gives Me That “Dear Brunette” Glow

With the liquid hair trend everywhere right now, I’m on a constant quest to achieve luscious, shiny, smooth hair. The problem is that I don’t usually heat my hair or color it, and my wavy hair is incredibly prone to frizz. So I have been rely heavily on products to get that mirror shine that apparently never celebrity hasand lamellar water rinses in particular have been my secret weapon.

For those unfamiliar, lamellar water rinses use what’s called lamellar technology to condition, repair, and boost shine as you rinse off in the shower. It provides a concentrated dose of active ingredients, such as amino acids and proteins, to deeply condition the hair and seal the cuticle, making it shinier and smoother. I have tried a few lamellar rinsesin addition to light hair shine treatmentsand I was impressed with the glow-boosting results, so I was excited to test out the new Not Your Mother’s Smooth Moves High Shine Lamellar Water Rinse ($8).

For starters, it is priced under $10, which makes it incredibly affordable. It’s also stocked at drugstores and department stores like Target, Ulta Beauty, and Walgreens, so it’s available to everyone. Not Your Mother’s Smooth Moves High Shine Lamellar Water Rinse also has a warm yet light berry scent and claims to make hair twice as shiny with just one use. It’s safe for all hair types, including colored and natural hair, and it works fast.

To use it, all you have to do is shampoo and squeeze excess water out of your ends. It is used instead of your conditioner, so you apply the desired dose to damp hair from roots to ends. The bottle is even labeled with dosage lines on the side to make it easy to get the right amount. Then you lightly lather it with your fingers before rinsing it off completely. And you are done.

The first thing I noticed about Not Your Mother’s Lamellar Water Rinse was the slippery texture – the second was the warm feeling you get when working it in. your scalp. I used two doses as directed by the instructions on the bottle and worked for maybe a minute. While rubbing it in, I also ran my fingers through my ends to detangle and was impressed with how easily it was able to comb out all the knots. Then I rinsed it off completely, which only took another minute or two. All in all, the effort only took three minutes. Much faster than my usual conditioning routine.

It’s hard to see a difference in your hair right out of the shower because your ends need to dry to judge softness and shine. I applied some leave-in conditioner just on my ends and a air dry cream from roots to ends then let my hair dry overnight as usual.

Once my hair was dry, I immediately noticed a difference in shine. My hair caught and reflected the light better than before. It also felt a bit more hydrated on the ends than usual, which is great because I overdid it for a haircut. Most impressive of all was how the Smooth Moves High Shine Lamellar Water Rinse reduced frizz at my roots and on my waves. Since this hair care treatment only takes three minutes, I will definitely be making it part of my monthly treatment rotation.


David R. Brewer