This Affordable Home Hair Treatment Promises To Give You The Smooth Results Of Keratin Treatments


This £ 40 at-home smoothing trio promises to deliver the same silky-smooth results as expensive salon keratin treatments – and the before and after photos are impressive!

  • Owow straightening treatment delivers smooth hair that lasts up to three months
  • For just £ 39.90 you get a shampoo, conditioner and smoothing treatment that rivals in-salon keratin treatments for £ 400

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From coloring our eyebrows to waxing unwanted hair and using a manicure-pedicure, we are pretty familiar with home beauty procedures.

However, when it comes to giving your hair salon the maneuverability of a salon, nothing beats a salon keratin treatment. Until now.

Enter the Owow smoothing hair treatment. The newly launched beauty brand is making a splash with its bold claims that it delivers instantly silky, smooth, professional-grade results that can last for up to three months – all after just one treatment.

With countless five-star reviews and out-of-stock status, the £ 39.90 beauty treatment is taking the beauty world by storm for good reason.

The £ 39.90 Owow Beauty Treatment promises to deliver silky smooth results that last for three months – and reviewers were seriously impressed with the results

Kind of a revolution in hair care, Owow is an at-home smoothing treatment that promises to give you super silky locks for up to three months.

It’s essentially an at-home alternative to salon keratin treatments, but without the chemicals, the price, or the time spent in the chair.

The powerful trio of products include sulfate-free shampoo, sulfate-free conditioner, and smoothing treatment to help deliver a shiny, smooth look in an accessible format at home.

Usually performed in a salon, Keratin is a semi-permanent hair treatment used to smooth the hair cuticle. If you struggle with frizz or find it difficult to manage the texture of your hair, this treatment is ideal because it smooths out curls and creases for a super soft, straight and shiny finish.

While all of this sounds good, many salon keratin treatments can contain a high amount of formaldehyde, which can pose health risks and cause scalp irritation (and could explain why your eyes can burn or fade). tear after processing).

Georgiana Grudinschi, founder of Owow

Powerful trio of products includes sulfate-free shampoo, sulfate-free conditioner and smoothing treatment

Georgiana Grudinschi, founder of Owow, developed Owow to allow women to straighten their hair at home without the need to go to the salon or use harsh chemicals.

This motivated Georgiana Grudinschi, founder of Owow, to develop her own at-home formula, one that would give the same salon-worthy results minus the harsh chemicals. It’s also cruelty-free and vegan.

And the results are quite amazing.

While the claims may sound big and bold, according to thousands of buyers, the results live up to the hype, with crowds of happy customers sharing their before and after photos on social media.

“This product is absolutely phenomenal,” wrote one impressed buyer. “I was blown away by how easily my hair grew.”

Buyers shared their impressive before and after photos on social media

Buyers reveal how Owow treatment left them with sleek, shiny locks

Buyers shared their impressive before and after photos on social media, revealing how the Owow treatment left them with sleek, shiny locks.

Owow repairs and moisturizes hair cuticles, resulting in incredibly smooth and shiny hair that will last up to three months

Owow repairs and moisturizes hair cuticles, resulting in incredibly smooth and shiny hair that will last up to three months

Another agreed, adding, “I swear by this product, it really made me fall in love with my hair, which is usually so fluffy and curly and usually bounces after being straightened. I can not say more.

A third raved: “Now I now know why it’s called Owow. This is oh wow. My hair is so smooth and silky. It’s really worth it. Five stars. No more keratin treatments at hairdressers that cost me hundreds. ‘

To achieve these results, you should first soak dry hair with the treatment and let it sit for 30-60 minutes before washing and blow-drying it. Then simply straighten your hair to seal in the treatment. And that’s all! To maintain your stunning hair, repeat the treatment after two months.


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