This hair treatment set makes my thin, brittle hair a breeze over summer vacation

Summer vacation, at least in my book, means lots of sun and swimming, and unfortunately damaged hair. My hair is super fine and breaks easily, so the chlorine, salt water and sun make it dry, a nightmare to brush out and inevitably knotted and I end up unintentionally (and painfully) pulling out way too much.

My hair also has a real crease, it’s more noticeable underneath and at the back where it’s quite wavy, while the front and top of my hair is much straighter. This slight wave means that when my hair feels dehydrated, it gets frizzy and flyaway – something no one wants when it comes to their locks.

Now I’ve finally been able to grow my hair out until I consider it long (halfway down my back) – long thin hair only means one thing – it tangles a lot , break a lot and are a bit of a nightmare to take care of properly.

For six weeks I have been testing Amika’s the kure resistance and repair set to see if it can do what it says on the box and make my hair healthier, stronger and less brittle.


Born in Williamsburg, Amika started life as a hair tools brand and since 2020 has branched out into hair care products. It aims to have a hair solution regimen no matter what hair type, texture or style you have, such as a range that’s gentle on your scalp, helps heat up damaged hair or defines luscious curls.

It ticks a lot of boxes: it doesn’t test on animals, there are no chemicals or artificial ingredients, it donates 1% of sales to charity, including nonprofit HairToStay which helps patients during chemo, and it has sustainability credentials. , including planting a tree for each sale.

Yes, all of its bottles are recyclable – which can usually come out with your curbside tip bags – but what’s more impressive is that it’s committed to ending the use of virgin plastic ( that means it is brand new plastic, used for the first time) . Instead, Amika will trade almost all of that (90%) for recycled plastic. Yes, plastic can only be recycled a few times before it loses its properties, but that’s better than continually using new plastic.

When it comes to washing my hair, I usually try to do it only twice a week. But on vacation, it increases much more depending on how long I swim in the sea or in a pool, if I have sunscreen in it or if moisture has gotten into it. My fine, fairly long hair hates being tangled, but it happens every time it gets wet, no doubt.

I also wear my hair up, pretty much every day, which doesn’t help the situation, although I’m familiar with the use of scrunchies and silk pillowcases to help prevent further damage. The easy answer would be to wear it, but as anyone with fine, easily damaged hair knows, more styling is needed to avoid frizz. I’m neither very adept at using styling tools, nor (more importantly) enjoy doing it.

When I opened the Amika set, I thought it was strange that there is no conditioner (although there is one in the range to buy separately). Instead, there are three products; a shampoo and two masks. I used the Intense Bond Repair Mask more like a conditioner, as its texture is more like a normal conditioning treatment, while the Multi-Tasking Repair Treatment has a much thinner consistency. Each of the three formulas has a light floral scent, which is fresh with almost a hint of mint.

The Intense Repair Hair Mask is my favorite product of the set


They have been newly formulated and include sea buckthorn, which is full of omega 7 (found in fish oil), rich in vitamin C and A. Its main USP is that it targets the bonds hydrogen into the hair and works to strengthen them, as they are most susceptible to breakage.

I also love that it’s vegan, but also able to deliver keratin-like results thanks to a plant-based ingredient made of amino acids. Keratin is made from animal products and loved by salons and hair experts. Although this ingredient is not for everyone, that does not mean that people should miss it.

After using the set on vacation, I went from salty, dehydrated, crunchy hair to super smooth locks that I could easily brush right out of the shower, and my hair was also super clean without feeling weighed down by a heavy product. . I’ve used a tangle teezer as my everyday hairbrush for years, as I’ve found it to be a lifesaver for very fine hair after washing.

My favorite product of the set is the Intense Repair Hair Mask. Designed to be used as a weekly treatment, I use it almost every time I wash my hair and it has dramatically changed the condition of my hair. Not only when wet brushing, but also when dry. It’s a pretty thick and creamy formula, and should be left on for five to 10 minutes, although if I used it more frequently I didn’t leave it on that long, but I still felt the results where my hair is not dry or dull.

The multi-tasking repair treatment should be left on for just one minute in the shower, or it can be applied to damp hair and left on. If your hair is badly damaged, it acts as a real deep conditioner.

As a lazy hairdresser when it comes to styling, I let my hair dry naturally as I don’t like using heat on it as it increases breakage. I did the same after using this kit, and noticed my hair is smooth, but not dull like my fine hair can get after using thicker conditioners or masks, which are just too heavy for me. Instead, my hair has more body and life, with no flyaways or frizz.

Over the time that I have tested this set, my hair has felt more hydrated, in better condition, is easier to brush with less output, and has visibly less breakage. And for that, it’s definitely made to stay on my bathroom shelf.

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The verdict: Amika le kure is ready

Even after the holidays, I continue to use Amika is the whole kure because I like the way it leaves my hair: smooth with more body and without frizz. It is a dream treatment for anyone with fine, easily brittle hair, which can also be used frequently without worrying about it becoming dull and lifeless. I used to struggle every day to brush my hair and worry about the damage it caused after brushing after washing too, so much so that it made endless dry shampoo days a lot more attractive to deal with.

At £45 the set is decent value for what it offers, considering it’s £15 each which is a big saving, as if you bought them separately it would cost £55. Plus, you don’t have to use this combination every time you wash your hair. I often change up my hair washing routine so my hair doesn’t get too used to something and stop reacting.

That might sound like a lot for a shampoo, but when you find something that works and you’re not fighting tangles after washing, I much prefer to take the good hair day.

Amika the kure is ready

David R. Brewer