Tips to revive damaged hair extensions-Tips to revive damaged hair extensions

Natural and synthetic hair extensions require different treatments to fix them.

Having a set of good hair extensions is no less than an investment! That’s why you don’t want your hair extensions to dry out, get frizzy, tangled or damaged in any other way. If your premium hair extensions are starting to show wear, there’s no need to be alarmed! And above all, don’t throw them away. You can transform your dry, damaged hair extensions into silky smooth with a few simple techniques without spending a fortune.

Tips for reviving natural hair extensions

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Apply deep conditioner to your natural hair extensions the same way you would to your own hair. This will help them retain their flexibility and they will stay attractive longer. However, avoid applying deep conditioner to the area where the extension connects to your hair.

Hot oil treatment

Heat oil in a bain-marie. You can put your bowl of oil in a larger bowl of warm water and then heat it on the gas stove or in your microwave. Once the oil becomes lukewarm, rub the oil into the extensions and distribute it with a wide tooth comb. Wait 5-15 minutes while wearing a plastic shower cap. Rinse your hair with lukewarm water, pat it dry with a towel, then air dry it.

Tips for Fixing Synthetic Hair Extensions

Use a detangling product

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Tangle is a common problem when using hair extensions. Once a day, before styling your hair with the extensions, spray it with a quality detangling product. Then you can use a wide-toothed comb or a boar-bristle brush to maintain the hair and detangle it throughout the day.

Carry the comb or brush in your bag so you can remove tangles or tangles on the go. Take your time brushing your extensions because the hair can get knotted quickly! Avoid rough brushing as this can lead to further knots and tangles.

Hair mask

Pick up each weft and apply a nourishing hair mask to the lengths of your synthetic extensions. Lay the wefts flat on the towel next to each other. Set a timer for 30 minutes after soaking each extension.

Hair masks are deep conditioning treatments for your hair that hydrate and restore strands. They are readily available at most pharmacies and beauty supply stores. Look for masks that contain nourishing components like vitamin E, argan oil, keratin protein, B vitamins, coconut oil, and lipids.

What to do with oily hair extensions?

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You have cleaned your hair extensions, but they are now excessively greasy! But there is a way to fix this problem even if you have over-hydrated your hair extensions. To remove some of the excess oil, first try using a dry shampoo. If possible, avoid washing them further. If that doesn’t work, use a clarifying shampoo to gently wash the hair again. And avoid sulfate shampoos!

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