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Hair isn’t just about hot styling. It’s not just how you curl or straighten it and whether it’s up or down.

For a while there it was simple, but now the statements are back. Statement hair accessories, that is.

We know that so many styles and trends from the era are making a comeback, and hair accessories are one of them.

We’re not just talking about bobby pins here. Loud and unique hair accessories are all the rage, and these are the ones that are all the rage right now.


Okay, the scrunchies have been back for a minute, but they seem to be sticking around. Not only do they add a touch of style to any look, they are also practical. Instead of creating intentions in your hair and causing damage, it is much softer than traditional rubber bands.

Silk scrunchies are the softest on your hair and look more upscale than cotton or even velvet. Kristin Ess sells adorable ones at Target. (Buy here)


Small headbands were once a thing and are now a thing of the past. Instead, oversized puffy headbands are the last. Twisted fabric headbands have a softer, understated vibe, while pearl headbands are more glamorous. Brides wear them even at high end weddings.

You can find them on Amazon or even from luxury designers, like this one from Deepa Gurnani. (Buy here)

Large Barrettes

Big barrettes are no longer just for holding your hair out of your face when applying makeup. Instead, metal and plastic ones are now part of a look. You can make it cozy and casual with something simple or dress it up with golden clips with attached beads.

You don’t need to invest a lot to achieve this look, however. You can find luxurious clips at an affordable price on Amazon. (Buy here)

Circle clips

Circle clips are a classic that never goes out of style. They hold your hair in a basic half up and half down look, but add something more than bobby pins. This clip is perfect for the office or school. Plus, it can be coordinated with your jewelry to create a look.

Stay with this classy look while shopping at one of the fanciest stores. Madewell has the perfect circular clip to give you a perfectly chic look. (Buy here)

Claw pliers

Housewives used to wear claw tongs to pull their hair out of their faces during housework. But, as the world has changed, so have hairstyles. As a result, claw clamps are a huge trend right now. Wearing them with an oversized sweatshirt, trendy sunglasses and letting a few strands of hair fall on your face is the look to recreate.

Gather all of your hair in a tortoiseshell-colored claw clip and you’ll look like the influencers who started this style. (Buy here)

Hair Scarves

Hair scarves could be the most versatile hair accessory. You can wear them to cover any roots that have grown or a greasy mess. They can keep your hair in place when riding in a convertible. They can be incorporated into a braid, pull your hair into a ponytail, or worn as a headband.

Go for a simple, neutral color so you can wear it with any look. Or, choose something strong to make you pop. (Buy here)


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