Why choose natural hair extensions rather than a permanent hair transplant?

By the age of 35, approximately 40% of men and women experience constant hair loss. As people become more aware of their appearance, there has been an increase in awareness of hair restoration methods. Hence, hair transplant procedures have become popular in India and across the world.

Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure that brings hair from one area to the balding or bald area of ​​the head. The procedure can restore hair and improve its appearance.

Patient satisfaction is directly proportional to the accuracy of any hair transplant procedure. Such products require additional expertise and skills. If the surgeon fails to follow proper angulation when creating slits for follicular implantation, it can lead to an unnatural appearance for the patient. In other words, there are so many things that could go wrong with hair transplant procedures.

Hence, there has been a growing preference to simply get hair extensions to get the desired results. Compared to hair transplant surgery, hair extensions are non-invasive, cause no discomfort to people and are significantly cheaper.

Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant Market witnesses to register a growth rate of 7.86% YoY in 2022, according to the latest research report. The report predicts that the market will accelerate at a CAGR of 9.97% by 2026. And the main driver of the growth is that hair loss is becoming more prevalent than ever. Advanced age, lifestyle changes, stress, genetic issues, and other medical issues are all contributing factors.

Although it is an effective hair loss treatment, there are some pros and cons that should be carefully considered.

For starters, it’s not a one-day procedure and requires regular follow-ups before and after surgery. There are also requirements for regular check-ups and aftercare regimens. Typical hair transplant procedures are invasive, painful, require considerable recovery time, and are extremely expensive. It is a long procedure. A typical session of 1500 to 2500 grafts requires 4 assistants and approximately 6 to 7 hours. Additionally, grafts cannot be assessed and judged on their full growth for at least 8-12 months after surgery.

This long-term solution also comes with potential recovery costs on top of the main processing expenses.

Moreover, there are also cases of hair transplant process being carried out in regular salons with technicians who may not be qualified without the supervision of a qualified dermatologist or surgeon. Without the required safeguards in place, such procedures can be fatal when performed by unqualified professionals due to the complications associated with the procedure. This is where hair extensions play a key role.

Natural hair extensions: an effective alternative to hair transplants

Although surgery is a possible solution for restoring hair, there are non-invasive and more affordable options that can help people increase their hair density. If you are not ready to face possible complications and the long duration of the treatment, natural hair extensions could be the right option for you.

They can quickly and effortlessly add length and volume to your hair. There are different types of hair extensions available depending on your needs. For a temporary fix, you can consider clip-in extensions, while hot and cold bonding offers a longer-term solution.

Some of the more common types of hair extensions include:

  • clips: Such hair extensions are the easiest and fastest with low maintenance. You can install them in minutes without worrying about damage.
  • Tape-ins: There are adhesive strips attached to the roots with heated glue. Small clips=ins, they are also issued to manage and can last nearly 12 weeks.
  • Seams: These are the most popular hair extensions, especially those looking for thicker hair. However, it is expensive compared to the previous two.
  • i-Tips: Also known as micro bead extensions, it uses clips and tiny beads to secure the extensions in place. There’s no heat or glue, and you can enjoy them for up to four months before having them redone.

There have been several advancements that have improved the quality of natural hair extensions and their installation procedure. Customers can purchase ethically sourced natural human hair and have it installed for great results with no added hassle.

Why choose hair extensions?

More and more people have started looking for hair extensions given the plethora of options they offer. Unlike hair transplants, you don’t need to go to a clinic and can have them fitted by any qualified stylist. They are an excellent choice for people who are not good candidates for hair transplants, cannot afford them, or want to avoid possible side effects.

They are still the best solution for people suffering from temporary or extensive baldness, including those who want to add volume to their hair or try a new hairstyle. If you also suffer from thinning hair and are considering possible solutions, consider getting hair extensions made according to your needs. Not only are they much more affordable than full surgery, there is also no risk of infections or damage to your natural hair.

The quality of natural hair extensions available today, along with the development of better attachment procedures, allows people to feel more confident than ever. This is probably why, even with all the latest advances in hair transplant surgery, wigs and hair extensions have never been redundant.



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David R. Brewer