Woman Had to Remove Her ‘Sloppy’ £ 150 Hair Extensions With Clamps

Containment saw many of us desperately trying to do our hair, with trips to the barber being much appreciated when we were finally allowed to venture outside.

However, a poor woman found her hair left in such bad condition by a hairdresser, she had to take the drastic step of using tweezers to fix it.

Mali was eager to have some fun (Credit: Caters)

Mali Ratcliffe, 23, decided to make an appointment with a freelance hairstylist (which she chose not to name) to afford 20-inch hair extensions to transform her locks down to the shoulders.

But when Mali, who lives in Staffordshire, visited the salon, she was so horrified by her “shoddy job” that she refused to leave the house.

The mortgage processor claims the new extensions left holes in her head and instead of being made of real hair tied with nanobeads, which are not visible under the hair, plastic hair extensions were attached with larger pearls.

“The hairdresser didn’t show me the back of my hair when it was finished and she braided it before I left,” Mali explained.

Long, stringy hair wasn't what she asked for (Credit: Caters)
Long, stringy hair wasn’t what she asked for (Credit: Caters)

“My boyfriend picked me up, boys usually wouldn’t notice, but he said something was wrong right away.

“As soon as I got home I realized how bad they looked.

“I smoothed it out and I was mortified. It wasn’t the quality she said it was because it wasn’t even hair, it was half hair, half plastic so as soon as I applied heat it got on my nerves.

“I just couldn’t believe what I had done to my hair. I just cried.

“I kept them for about a week but at the end I asked my friend to help me take them out so we used a pair of pliers which was painful.”

Mali made an appointment after seeing ads for hairdressers on Facebook. When she tried to contact the stylist who did her extensions, she found she had been blocked.

Malia had to use pliers to get rid of her extensions (Credit: Caters)
Malia had to use pliers to get rid of her extensions (Credit: Caters)

She said her colleagues were stunned when she showed them the results of her extensions and couldn’t believe she paid £ 150 for such a shoddy job.

“I hadn’t had my hair done in over a year and I’m a key worker, so I thought I needed a treat,” Mali said.

“I was supposed to have small nanostracks because my hair is so thin, but she put in bigger microbeads that you could see at the roots.

“I expected to go to work and show everyone how gorgeous my hair looked, but I had to wear it in a bun.

“When I showed the people, they were just in shock. Their reactions were horrible.

“They couldn’t believe I had spent so much money on them when they looked so horrible.”

Malia has since had her hair done (Credit: Caters)
Malia has since had her hair done (Credit: Caters)

Fortunately, Mali’s hair returned to the long, luscious locks she had always wanted – at a price.

“I sent pictures to another hairdresser and she booked me right away to sort it out,” she said. “But now I have £ 500 out of my pocket because I also had to pay to have it fixed.”

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